Getting Started with Mycroft Strategies

Companies such as yours need support to build or refresh your marketing as it relates to your
  • Promise: how you consistently and universally articulate your uniqueness through messaging and branding
  • Strategy: how you develop clear action plans for everyone to follow so that you prepare today for tomorrow’s success
  • Team: how you can increase the scale and impact of your team to ensure continuous growth
  • TNT (Tools N Tactics): what content and/or marketing programs should be created to help attract and keep customers
Schedule an initial conversation (up to 90 minutes)

Our first step is scheduling a conversation so we can introduce ourselves to each other. Most of the conversation will focus on you and your business. I like to frame the conversation around the following topics:
  • Business overview - describe your business, its products, your customers and key competitors
  • Gap / Need description – tell me about what area you need to improve based on key factors:
    • Objective factors – sales, margins, leads, deal size, etc.
    • Subjective factors – thought leadership/industry reputation, client interactions, team skill set, culture, etc.
    • Nimblicity factors – this is a word I like to use that describes your ability to scale, execute, adjust to change or just be productive
    • Current state of marketing portfolio – do you need help building your marketing content portfolio, what specifically
Schedule a follow-up conversation (up to 90 minutes)

In this conversation we will home in on 1 – 2 specific gaps or opportunities. This will help us prioritize activities that will enhance your Promise, Strategy, Teams or TNT. We will articulate high-level goals and milestones and schedule an Insight Assessment.

Insight Assessment (2-4 weeks)

The key to any and all successful marketing engagement lies in understanding the business from both a holistic and business unit perspective. Insight Assessment will help Mycroft more deeply understand your business and prioritize specific initiatives. Mycroft will interview (and survey if appropriate) all major business units, including 3-5 clients.

The level of detail in the interviews may vary based on overall engagement goals and scope. Mycroft will provide a summary report that highlights all or some of the following:
  • Current branding/messaging
  • Competitor branding/messaging
  • Client buying experience
  • Current key client persona
  • Current marketing assets
  • Action plan and required resources for next steps

Kickoff the Engagement

Based on the Action Plan provided in the Insight Assessment, we will begin work together on the marketing engagement. We will confirm schedules, resources, key milestones and success criteria. Mycroft will also provide regular status reports as to the progress of our joint inititative.

At the end, we will have a wrap-up conversation to make sure deliverables are handed off properly and any loose ends are tied up.

To start, contact Mycroft Strategies today.